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The success of the Institute for Translational Oncology Research (ITOR) of Greenville Health System (GHS), a much needed integrated and systems-based approach that will define cancer research and treatment in the Upstate, hinges on partnerships that maximize the investigational experience and clinical expertise of The University of South Carolina, established biotech partners, and the ITOR Clinical Research Unit of GHS in collaboration with the Cancer Centers of the Carolina.

The vision and purpose of ITOR of GHS define a destination center for innovative drug development and delivery. Pharmacogenomics, the understanding of how an individual's genetic inheritance affect the body's response to drugs, holds the promise of more safe and effective drug treatments that are tailored to each individual. From the type of mutation causing cancer to specific gene expression levels, genetic biomarkers are becoming a vital tool for developing new treatments for cancer. By linking the laboratory and clinical settings through innovative investigations, USC and GHS can identify the most novel ways to find and couple biomarkers with patient drug trials and, eventually, develop the most effective cures and treatments for cancer.

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