ITOR and GHS Cancer Center together embrace an innovative approach to cancer care.

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Clinical Trials Now Available

The ITOR Clinical Research Unit (CRU) conducts phase I cancer clinical trials to give patients access to the most advanced treatments available. Use the links below to learn more about clinical trials at the ITOR CRU:

Transforming Cancer Care at the Institute for Translational Oncology Research

The Institute for Translational Oncology Research (ITOR) of Greenville Health System (GHS) represents a new model of hope in the war against cancer. With a vision to establish an international destination center that develops and delivers innovative, personalized cancer therapies, ITOR of GHS is transforming cancer research and care on multiple levels. The Institute provides Upstate South Carolina patients with some of the most advanced cancer treatments available anywhere in the world while facilitating pioneering research on life-saving cancer drugs.

The efforts of ITOR include a phase I Clinical Research Unit (CRU), a Biorepository Services platform, and proteomics and genomics capabilities.

The Institute is fully integrated with Greenville Health System and the Cancer Centers of the Carolinas and has extensive collaborative partnershipswith the pharmaceutical industry, research universities, private sector companies, government agencies, oncology networks, and other strategic organizations. These collaborative partnerships accelerate cancer research and allow the Institute to achieve continued success and evolution.

As ITOR furthers its aspiration to be one of the country's leaders in the fulfillment of an unprecedented translational oncology research model of the future, its ultimate objectives of winning the war against cancer and saving lives become a reality.