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Pharmaceutical Industry

Amgen, Inc. Highlighted

The Institute for Translational Oncology Research (ITOR) of Greenville Health System (GHS) has a long standing relationship with Amgen and has participated in more than 14 early phase clinical trials using agents in the Amgen oncology pipeline, including a First In Man trial. ITOR of GHS was the highest accruing site in the trial leading to FDA approval of panitumumab for the treatment of colorectal cancer.


AstraZeneca International Highlighted

ITOR was the highest accruing of three sites participating in a phase I trial of a new compound being tested in patients with solid tumors who had failed all known standard therapies. Since completion of that trial, ITOR has remained involved in additional trials through AstraZeneca using agents to treat prostate cancer.


Eisai Pharmaceuticals Highlighted

Eisai Pharmaceuticals has a PARP inhibitor in phase I trials for patients with solid tumors who have failed standard therapy. ITOR enrolled the first three human subjects’ worldwide into this trial, and continues to be instrumental in establishing the maximum tolerated dose for this compound.


Novartis Highlighted

In 2010, the Novartis Global Phase 1 Oncology Translational Medicine Team named the ITOR CRU as a designated site for conducting early phase clinical trials of agents in the Novartis oncology drug pipeline. Novartis has confirmed that ITOR will be the recipient of a phase 1 solid tumor trial that will likely commence in Q1 2011.


Oncolix Highlighted

Oncolix, Inc. (Oncolix) is a bio-pharmaceutical company originally established at the Greenville Health System through the innovative efforts of the Oncology Research Institute in conjunction with the GHS Cancer Center drug discovery program. Oncolix, now based in Houston, Texas, is currently focusing on the pre-clinical development of Prolanta™ - a targeted therapeutic protein for the treatment of breast and ovarian cancer. Prolanta™ was pioneered within the Oncology Research Institute (now known as the Clemson Biomedical Institute) at GHS in Greenville, SC.

The ITOR Clinical Research Unit will be involved with the first clinical trial of Prolanta™ in metastatic breast cancer which is anticipated to begin in Q4 2010.


In addition to the above noted pharmaceutical companies, ITOR has conducted numerous early phase clinical trials with the following: