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Private Sector Innovation Relationships


ITOR's Biorepository Services Platform and KIYATEC are actively exploring mutually beneficial translational research initiatives and opportunities in the field of oncology.

KIYATEC is a life sciences & biotechnology company commercializing innovative three-dimensional (3D) cell culture plasticware and cell-based diagnostics for use in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and life sciences industries.

By combining the best aspects of traditional 2D cell culture with the enormous scientific benefits of culturing cells in 3D, KIYATEC helps researchers better understand and predict complex behavior of cell and tissue systems in vitro - thereby providing a more accurate simulation of phenomena within the human body which allows for improved pharmaceutical research and testing, more precise diagnostic methods, and more personalized treatment planning.

Established in 2005 and based in Upstate South Carolina, KIYATEC evolved from research at Clemson University's Bioengineering Department. The firm is continuing to expand the utility of 3D cell culture technology to further enable research, diagnostic, and treatment advancements.



NUBAD LLC is a drug discovery company devoted to the development of novel therapeutics that target nucleic acids (DNA and RNA).

Founded in 2009 using technologies developed in Clemson University's Department of Chemistry, NUBAD's efforts are centered around developing tools for drug discovery as well as developing small molecule drug libraries for screening and target validation.

NUBAD's approach to nucleic acid targeted drugs and probes is complimentary to the goals of personalized medicine set by ITOR and GHS teams. An example of such synergy is the development of inhibitors of DNA-transcription factor interactions as anticancer drugs.