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ITOR Translational Research Initiatives

Cancers have been a leading cause of death since the origin of the species. While modest advances continue to be made in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancers, in order to effectively and rapidly transfer basic science data and discovery into meaningful clinical benefit, it is the belief of the Institute for Translational Oncology Research (ITOR) of Greenville Health System (GHS) that the existing culture of cancer research must place more value and emphasis on translational and clinical research.

An Unprecedented Research Model for the Future

ITOR of GHS aspires to be one of the country’s leaders in the fulfillment of an unprecedented translational research model of the future - through its unique vision, capabilities, consortia of expert partners, and focus on diagnostic and therapeutic treatments of cancer. In order to achieve this aspiration and to advance cancer care for patients, ITOR is committed to discovering clinically meaningful molecular and genomic markers that hold the promise of safer and more effective drug treatments tailored to each individual. With technologies like gene sequencing and molecular profiling becoming indispensable tools for developing new cancer therapies, ITOR and its extended team looks to find ways to continue advancing these platforms.

The public and private sectors must increase their funding commitment for clinical and translational research in order to achieve major advances, which can be best accomplished through innovative and collaborative approaches between multiple innovation partners representing the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, academia, and appropriate government institutes & agencies.

Advancing Cancer Care with Innovative Technologies

The ultimate goal is to help develop and create new breakthrough models in rapid drug development and accompanying diagnostic discovery through new cutting-edge business models and emerging technologies - including gene sequencing of cancer DNA, molecular profiling of cancer tumors, and the design of clinical trials utilizing known targets that are expressed, versus disease specific, in order to achieve true personalized medicine - ultimately advancing cancer care for patients.

The Institute for Translational Oncology Research’s commitment to this proposition will be achieved in part through collaborative translational research initiatives undertaken in partnership with fellow collaborators.

ITOR engages alliances that facilitate pioneering research as well as clinical care delivery: ITOR is the continuum of translational medicine, and a model for the future.